About the R&D Center

The Cradle of Korea’s System Software, which Creates Customer Value through Technology

Tmax R&D Center, a software research & development center established in Bundang, Korea in 2003. It is the cradle of Korea’s system software where the standard for enterprise system software is researched and developed by highly skilled professional research staff.

Original ideas and solutions from individual researchers are TmaxSoft’s biggest asset and growth engine.

With its technology-intensive products, which have been developed through research activities based on technology and originality, Tmax R&D Center provides differentiated customer value.

We re-invest 20% of our revenue into R&D to systematically train our researchers who can flexibly respond to any changes in the software industry or customer demands.

Tmax R&D Center, with its great research environment and research staff, along with its aggressive R&D investment policy, continues to increase its global competitiveness through its own core technology and is leading the future of Korea’s software industry.

Research Areas

Tmax R&D Center researches and develops technology-intensive mission critical middleware, framework, communication, and monitoring solutions that are used in finance, manufacturing, communication, and the public sector. It strives to strengthen its research capabilities to provide enterprise systems optimized for business applications.