Training Program

Training for Partner
(Technical Support)

10 Days

This course covers the skills needed for
installing, managing,
and troubleshooting Tibero DBMS.

  • Tibero product installation and patching
  • Tibero parameters, Regular check-ups, APM
  • Back up and Recovery
  • Interface and Integration
  • Processes, Understanding Memory
  • Utilities & Objects
  • Clusters and configuring TSC/TAC
  • Version upgrades and Migration to Tibero
  • POC/BMT & Case Studies

Training for Administrator

3 Days

This course covers the system configuration,
operation, and management skills needed in
operating Tibero DBMS.
Allows to perform administrator tasks by
learning how Tibero DBMS works, how to
operate the system, how to enhance reliability,
and how to respond to system errors.

  • Basic structure of Tibero, Installation, Managing control files and redo log files
  • Managing tablespaces, User and security management, Managing schema objects
  • Back up and recovery, Performance management

Training for Developer

2 Days

This course covers skills needed for developing
applications that use Tibero DBMS.
Learn how to create SQL queries, optimize
performance, and design data models.

  • Understanding data modeling, SQL basics
  • Advanced SQL, The basics of SQL optimization