Product Technical Support

TmaxSoft delivers best value to its customers by providing cutting-edge technology and distinct customer service for reliable and effective maintenance software.

Technical Support Service

TmaxSoft provides rapid response to any error or problem that might occur during operation of its products.
Furthermore, as TmaxSoft provides fundamental solutions for the errors and problems by utilizing its R&D facility which developed the products, distinct and high-level service are offered to its customers.

Emergency Support Service

In order to minimize damage in the event of an emergency situation such as system failure and to support rapid recovery in such situation, TmaxSoft employs an expert technical support team which performs system recovery within 24 hours of failure occurrence.

Expert Service

Through our tech expert team, TmaxSoft solves technical problems and performs global technical support.
Furthermore, through technical partners who oversee technical support of each region and country, high-quality IT services are provided for the operation, management, and support of licensed products.

Immediate Remote Support Service

Our service desk team provides immediate remote service to our customers’ technical service requests through initial customer support. As the service desk team is responsible for quick follow-ups, task assignment management, and monitoring, fast and accurate service is provided.