Softsare Maintenance Support

Maintenance Service

Maintenance service is an indispensable part of continuously maintaining a product after purchase. Therefore, TmaxSoft supports various additional maintenance services as a way to continuously maintain the same level of system environment as at the time of purchasing the software. Our expert staffs, who are utilized as operating assistants, learn the organizational, technical, and environmental characteristics of the customers’ company, and then provide maintenance service so that users can perform tasks in an optimized environment.

Product Support Service

Patching Service
Patches can fix problems when new technologies are applied or changes are made in operating systems. When a new patch of the purchased product is released, TmaxSoft informs customers of the patch information and manually applies the patching service.

Version Upgrade Service
Version upgrades, which existing programs are improved to a new version, are divided into minor version upgrades and major version upgrades. For clients who have purchased our maintenance service, minor version upgrades are provided for free and major version upgrades are provided for a fee.