SysMaster is an application performance management(APM) solution that manages extensive areas related to application performance.
APM helps systems operate stably by monitoring the state of applications, in real time.*APM - Application Performance Management

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about sysmaster

SysMaster supports end-to-end integrated monitoring across applications to manage the system load and monitor the overall system. It also identifies the causes of errors and poor performance in order to provide active error handling. SysMaster is made with TmaxSoft's own technology to monitor targets so that it provides complete control and a way to operate the optimized system.

What is an application performance management solution?

SysMaster is an Application Performance Management(APM) solution that manages a wide range of enterprise system components. It supports efficient resource management by enabling identification of IT infrasturcture status and error causes and supporting statistics analysis for applications such as WASs, TP-Monitors, databases, and frameworks. It also reduces costs and guarantees IT resource performance by preregistering error processing activities and providing a fast error handling function.

  • End-to-end real-time monitoring
  • Integrated performance monitoring
  • Integrated system management
  • Efficient error handling and reporting
sysmaster configuration
SysMaster Agent

As it is installed on the monitored server, it gathers various application operating information and data, and sends them to the SysMaster Master Server.

SysMaster Master Server
  • The SysMaster Master Server provides monitoring information that was received from SysMaster Agent and management information such as failure history in real-time, or saves it to the database to process and provides it as post information.
  • The SysMaster agent uses a push mechanism to collect the monitoring information from the control targeted system.
SysMaster Console

A web browser can be used for application monitoring and management, and control of the SysMaster Master Server.

configuration of system that use the Push Mechanism